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I’m not a big fun of animal print. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a great trend and if you choose the right outfit or accessories you are bound to look amazing. You see I don’t wear too many prints. I tend to go for solids. But as I’m willing to try new things why not see if I can find some ideas to get me started.
I like Jennifer Hudson’s animal print dress. It would be a bold move for me to make, a dress (I don’t wear those so much) and animal print. But why not?
Then today as I was reading, I saw Pippa Middleton in an animal print scarf and it gave me an idea. Why not go for animal print accessories as a way to get myself used to the trend. 
Like an animal print headscarf from

Or this animal print snood from

I think by now you’ve noticed that I love shoes so I just had to add some in my hunt for animal print accessories. These peep toe heels from could convince me in a second.

Now I think I can try out this trend and maybe try out a dress or a blouse once I get used to it.Would you put on animal print?

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