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My watch suddenly developed legs and made a disappearing act. I was so sad because I’ve had that watch for at least five years. It was a gift from my mum and now I have absolutely no idea where it could be. So now I’ve been scouring the net and every shop I go into looking for  a replacement. I believe watches are an important accessory to have. You see, I like to keep time and how am I to do this without a watch? Yes I could use my phone but I feel people look more sophisticated and organized when they wear a watch. There are also some places like offices where checking your phone every so often is considered disrespectful. So below are a few of my current faves.

Some colourful strapped watches to mix and match with my outfits.
A standard gold strap watch.
Watch cum bracelet combo.
A cute charm bracelet watch.
Leather strap watch.
Images from  asos.
As you can probably tell I like watches that are somewhat manly, not the slim, ladylike ones that are sold for ladies.
What type of watches do you more readily go for?
Happy Wednesday!!!

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