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ACCESSORIZE: New Hair Accessories

I recently got my braids out and relaxed my hair. Well actually it’s been more than a month. Having my hair out for me means that I have to find interesting and creative ways to style it. One way of doing that easily is to use cute hair accessories from hair pins to headbands. I’ve done a previous post on headbands that I had my eye on.
I bought these a few weeks ago and thought I’d feature them in my blog. There’s a specific man from whom I buy hair clips from. He always has such cute ones. I got one of Angry Birds!!! But I forgot to include it here. (The child in me!!!)
The flower hair clips come in more colours but I had to narrow down and pick just a few. I find these colours to be fun and refreshing, ideal for summer! And as usual I had to include a black one in the haul.

I bought these headbands at the same time as the Angry Birds hair clip. I didn’t keep them in the same place. I guess that’s why I forgot about it. Hmmm seems to me someone needs to organize her accessories better. I’ve thought of so many ways to wear these I can’t wait to feature them in the blog.

This is a basic head band for those days when my hair is unmanageable. I used to have two others but they got spoilt because of poor storage.

After writing this post, I’ve come to realize that I need a new method of storing my hair accessories. Do you have any suggestions??
I hope you’re all having a good week. Happy Wednesday!!!

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