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Today is Holi, a festival of colours held in India where people through powder in a variety of colours at each other. When I was in college, you would see people looking like this on a day like today. This year I haven’t seen much of a celebration although I did see school children looking rather colourful. I forgot to take some photos but this should give you and idea of what this festival is like.

Images from Google.
In order to tribute to India and all that I have experienced after living here for about four years now, I thought I’d dedicate this post on accessories to some Indian shoes that are worn in the summer. I have seen these shoes worn by some celebrities and become somewhat of a trend. They are made of leather and can be found in a wide variety of colours and styles from casual to more dressy styles.
Images from
According to these ethnic Indian shoes or kholapuri chappals were hand-crafted for royalty in expensive threads and materials and decorated heavily with pearls and beads depending on their tastes and clothing. But over the years they have been simplified for the common man. They are traditionally worn with ethnic Indian outfits but can also be worn with western clothes.
I had a pair and they are the most comfortable, versatile sandals I have ever owned.


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