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I’ve been watching reruns of movies now and I’m currently obsessed with The Touriststarring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. First of all I absolutely love Johnny Depp!!! Any movie that features him in the cast is a must watch! I’ve been watching Pirates of the Caribbean until I learnt the words!
Back to The Tourist. Angelina Jolie is absolutely fabulous. I love how she carries herself and just ooze class. She’s dressed impeccably and her make-up is subtle but well done. I’m not a die-hard Angelina Jolie fan but I just loved her in The Tourist. And it got me thinking, imagine if we women carried ourselves with that much confidence and class, if every time we walked on the street men as well as women would admire us not only because of our beauty (because we are all beautiful) but also because of the charm and respect we command. I think because I tend to watch movies more than once I inevitably end up thinking about what I can learn from them. Can you believe I even learnt something from Pirates of the Caribbean, Barbossa says “Too late my fate hasn’t been in my own hands.” Those words rang so true to me. I embraced them because they made me see that I can’t always be relying on others to make things work out. It’s high time I took my life into my own hands and put make my dreams into realities. But that’s for another day.
What I love about Angelina Jolie’s character, Elise Clifton Ward, is the fact that she commands respect wherever she goes. She is so assured of herself. She goes about her life seemingly without a care in the world. I know many times women will have one issue or another that makes them so worried. However this shouldn’t be common knowledge to anyone who meets you. I’ve fallen into the trap of speaking too freely about my problems until I realized that I’m not the only one with problems. It doesn’t hurt to forget about yourself for one minute so that you can listen to someone else’s problems.
The other day I was worried about a number of things so I turned to the one person I thought I could speak to without feeling like I’d exposed my issues to the whole world. To my shock and horror I got a reply to the effect of, “I’m worried about this and that and I don’t want to think about what it is that you are telling me.” Talk about not caring whether or not you hurt another’s feelings.
We as human beings can be so wrapped up in our own little worlds that we fail to notice anything else. Once in a while think about that friend of yours who’s been having a difficult time at work or in school or that relative of yours whose life has fallen apart. You’ll come to realize that your problems aren’t as big as you made them out to be. A challenge that I think would do each of us some good (I strongly recommend this for myself too) is not to utter a word of complaint. You can put this as a long time goal but start small. Make it a daily thing. Each morning when you wake up say to yourself, “I will not utter a word of complaint today.” And check yourself each time you are about to complain about something. And how about instead of complaining, get up and do something about it e.g. write to the editor of your local newspaper or approach the authority concerned. Sometimes you’ll find that people are not aware that there is a problem and they are glad when you mention it to them. With a little struggle you’ll be able to get rid of that habit.
Hope you are having a good week J

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