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Hi all!
Today we received news that the seiege at Westgate Mall has come to an end. Ever since this incident began on Saturday, I have been quietly praying for peace and understanding in the world. I will not try to reason with myself as to why anybody would want to kill innocent people out of revenge or otherwise. 
Today, as the dust settles on the siege and we start to rebuild our lives, I will continue to hold out hope that one day all of humanity will live peacefully. I’m not blind to the fact that with different backgrounds, there will be different ideals. But if we all learn to accept our neighbour’s differences and live with them, then we can live in peace.
So here is a moment of silence for all those who have died as a result of the madness of the last four days, may they rest in eternal peace. And for those who have lost dear ones, may you find consolation. With a positive attitude we can rebuild our lives and prove to those who want to hurt us that we are stronger than they think. We shall not be cowered into living in fear. We shall place our hope in the Lord and carry on living full lives as He wants us to.
Thank you for stopping by.
Happy Tuesday!!
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  1. Unknown

    It was super trying time for us as a country. we surely lost many lives which is so sad but we came out much stronger and united.

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