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There was a morning when it was so cold that it started raining and I had just removed my braids. All I could think about was my lack of an umbrella and how awful my hair was going to look by the time I got to class. So I grabbed my trench coat and a fedora and said to hell with it! Anyone who wants to look at me funny can do as they please. I just wanted to be warm and dry.

Outfit Details:
Slacks: Trade Fair, India
Brown turtle-neck: Chandigarh, India
Pink sweater: borrowed from my sister
Fedora: borrowed from my sister
Trench coat: Wills, India
Flats: Trade Fair, India
Jewellery: gift


Marissa Mayer has been appointed CEO of Yahoo. Yes we’ll all say, that’s a woman who only cares about her career. But wait, she’s preggas. Then we think again and wonder how to react. How can a woman balance such a demanding career load and take care of her family?? These short stories of successful women and how they created a balance in their lives, on IFB, brought a sense of reality. Do you think women can have it all?

My face is very sensitive. When I don’t drink enough water or neglect washing it twice a day I notice immediately. Since I came home from India I’ve been looking for ways to take extra care of it seeing as the formula I had before doesn’t seem to be enough. That’s why these home beauty treatments appealed to me.

Denim jackets have become huge!!! I know, I know we used to wear them back in the day!! But fashion keeps coming back. Anna of Fash Boulevard gave it a refreshing look and she shows us how celebrities have been rocking this trend.

Happy Thursday!!
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