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Audrey Masitsa, My Style

A Black Wrap Dress + Goth Tendencies

Lately, my clothing choices have revolved around black pieces. I don’t know if it is a reflection of my deepest emotions (lately) or just my current colour preference. I have even gone as far as getting black nail polish which I wore on my fingers and toes this past weekend. In all honesty, I have been on a mission to explore my goth side, which I mentioned here, and this started with my many, many all black outfits.
This wrap dress was in my shop, Botique i2s, for a while and I was unable to get someone to buy it. See the flap of the wrap falls at the back making it a bit of a risk especially where unexpected gusts of wind are concerned. I paired it with a few pops of colour in the form of an orange vest (the neckline is a bit low for day time) and a multi-coloured scarf tied as a headband. I completed my look with a red lip and some gladiator sandals.

How is 2016 coming along for you? Have you started on your resolutions yet?

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  1. Unknown

    Hell yes to a wrap dress any day. There's something very feminine about them. It looks gorgeous on you. In this case though, am head over heels for your sandals….so loving them.
    ION, I have no idea why am so drawn to the color on your wall….it's so warm.

    2016 is going smoothly for me so far, no resolutions though. Hope you are having a blast too.

  2. Audrey Masitsa

    There's some femininity that is associated with wrap dresses that you can't find in anything else.
    That wall makes me so happy! Yay to statement walls:)

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