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Hi everyone!!! I do hope you had a lovely weekend!!! Happy new month:)

I’m a HUGE fun of the little black dress. You can style it up or down and where it  a million times, over and over again and still look amazing. So for this post I decided to put together the outfits I wore that feature a little black dress. I own three such dress and now I’m on the look out for a little white dress.
In this very unstable economy, some of us don’t have the luxury of buying clothes at the drop of a hat. We have to make do with what we have in our wardrobes and stretch it as far as we can. And with the recent tax reduction on mitumba (as second hand clothes are commonly known in Kenya), maybe we’ll be able to buy more than before. But the increase in taxes in other commodities might not favour the fashionista in you.

LBD Option 1
I wore this to a graduation dinner. The simplest way to wear a little black dress is to wear it and add some jewellery and great shoes. The temperature was favourable so I didn’t need to cover up much. Here I kept my outfit simple and paired it with statement necklaces, matching earrings and heels.

LBD Option 2
I wore the same dress on a colder night  for a birthday party and paired it with stockings, boots and an embellished sweater.

LBD Option 3
For this little black dress I wore to church I also opted to keep things simple and paired it with black heels and a clutch. Because my bag and shoes were black I piled on the pink accessories to add some variation in colour i.e. the statement necklace, earrings and hairband.

LBD Option 4
I styled the above dress with an orange sweater, colourful scarf and boots for a day in class. The scarf and sweater added a burst of colour and really cheered me up.

LBD Option 5
This was the third time I wore this dress. It was bitterly cold on this day so I decided to pile on the layers. I wore this dress as a skirt, paired with a sweater, denim jacket, stockings and boots for a day running errands. I added a yellow belt to create a waistline and some colour to the outfit.

LBD Option 6
I’ve only worn this dress once for a ceremony I attended at my old school, but I believe there are many ways to style it. I wore it with a white sweater held in place by a belt, black stockings and black sling back heels. I chose to go with blue accessories i.e. handbag, earrings and ring.

 I hope this post was inspirational. What are the different ways you style your LBD?

Happy Monday and have a wonderful week!!!

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