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In a bid to get my new year’s resolutions fulfilled before the end of the year, I decided to link up with the ladies of A Beautiful Mess and come up with 4 Simple Goals before 2013
What this entails is that I will pick 4 things that I believe will make my life richer and will keep me inspired for the rest of the year. I’ll reward myself each time I manage to fulfill one of these goals and I will also blog about them. By choosing more activity-oriented goals rather than result oriented ones, I intend to have fun as I go along. For more information on this fun and inspiring challenge check out the guidelines on A Beautiful Mess.
My goals for the next three and a half months are:- 
1.Get back to singing. I love singing. When I got back home I joined the choir in my church but somehow I don’t fill as fulfilled as I thought I would. So I’m taking steps to join the Nairobi Music Society and get my singing mojo back!!!

2.Sewing. I’ve always wanted to get into dressmaking. One way to do more of this is to alter some of my clothes on my own. With enough practice I hope to be able to make my own clothes.

3.Keep a diary. I had developed a habit of writing in my diary everyday. Then life caught up with me and I ended up neglecting my diary. It really helped me manage my thoughts and now is a good time to document my life. 

4.Read a French novel/short story once a week. I studied French at university but ever since I did my last exam I haven’t practiced at all! I’m even starting to forget basic things. I believe by reading I’ll get back into the language I love and polish it before embarking on a new language.

    I encourage you to try out this challenge. I think it’ll be fun and will make it easier to be able to say on December 31st 2012, that we’ve fulfilled some of our new year resolutions. Let me know if you decide to take part!!

    Happy Tuesday!!
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    1. Anonymous

      I love the idea. Especially the sewing part!

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