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Audrey Masitsa, Hair and Beauty

3 of My Favourite Protective Hairstyles

As with my personal style as pertains my preferred mode of dressing, I have come to prefer certain protective hairstyles, which I tend to rotate year in year out. While there have been countless options made available these days, I find myself always turning to these hairstyles mostly because of their affordability and also because of the various options available as regards styling.

1. Human Hair Weave

This was the first weave that I ever willingly agreed to put on my head. I have always had a fear of weaves. I always imagine I will feel terribly hot under the Nairobi sun or that as it ages it will end up looking like a bird’s nest. I can also never convince myself that it will not start smelling after a week or two. But with human hair weaves, I can go for a wash whenever I feel like it and I don’t have to worry about the bird’s nest because the weave is very easy to manage.

I didn’t buy this particular weave, it was gifted to me. It’s Indian Remy Hair and I get it installed by a guy in town. I find that having a weave on my head allows my hair the chance to rest because there is very little tagging that goes on when I am styling it. I also like that the tracks are done in such a way that my hairline does not get pulled at when the weave is being sewn on.

2. Braids

I have been having braids done since I was in primary school. I like long braids because I find them easier to style.

For a long time my go to colour was Abuja Long No. 33 but these days I try to vary the colours depending on my mood and on what is available. I prefer box braids mostly because I like how fast and easy they are to plait and undo. But every once in a while, I opt for a smaller size.

3. Cornrows

Cornrows are my absolute favourite. I spend a lot of time on Pinterest looking for ideas for new lines to put. My biggest problem with cornrows is that they don’t last for long. I think after 3 weeks they start asking to be undone. For me, 3 weeks is too short a time to have one hairstyle. I don’t find it economical at all. But the day when I find that salonist whose cornrows will sit pretty on my head even if they are four or five weeks old, I will definitely do them more often.

Which are your favourite protective styles?

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