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2012 Wishlist

There are many things in the market that I would love to buy. After my sister and some of my friends called me a shopaholic, I’ve decided that I will create a wishlist of all the things that I’ve been eyeing and I’m absolutely dying to buy this year. Last year when I was moving houses, I was forced to clean up my closet. That was when I realized that I had accumulated too many things that I didn’t need let alone wear. You know how sometimes you give out an item of clothing that you loved and you end up missing it? Well, some of the stuff I had, I don’t even remember owning.
Now that we are coming to sale season, there are some things that I’ve been raving on and on about that I’ll work towards adding to my wardrobe.
I’m letting out the grunge in me. I want  a leather skirt and a leather jacket!!!

Lace-up boots! I once found a pair that I loved at a very reasonable price and until today, I regret not buying them. And of course ankle booties like those featured here.

Pencil skirt in black, pink, blue. I usually go for dark coloured lowers but 2012 is a time for me to get adventurous. I’m not so big on skirts but with this I’m making an exception.

Images from
I’m looking to add sequins in my wardrobe. These are ideal for adding an oomph factor when going out. Perhaps a top or a very simple dress like this which I featured for the holiday season.

Something with an animal print. I’ve already featured my growing acceptance and love for this trend here.
Image from
As well as some metallic accessories like these that I added for the holiday season.
I’m sure there are several other goodies I would like to get for myself. But these are what I’ve been wishing for lately. What are some of the things that you would add to your 2012 wishlist?
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