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Christmas 2012


Hi all!! I’m having a poll running for the next two weeks. Have you voted yet? If not, vote here
For this week’s 12 Outfits For Christmas we’ll look at comfortable and easy to style outfits for travelling and running errands during the festive season.

1. Travel Outfit
Just because you’ll be spending almost 12 hours on the road doesn’t mean that you should look frumpy. When it comes to dressing, the better you look the better you feel. A comfortable pair of trousers jeans or cotton, depending on your preferences, paired with a cute graphic t-shirt and a pull-over will keep you both warm and stylish. Add some jewellery preferably non-metallic to save you embarrassing moments at security, comfortable shoes or boots and a big enough bag to keep everything you need for the trip handy.

2. Christmas shopping
It’s very rare that you will walk into one shop or mall and get all your Christmas shopping done. For many of us we need to go from here to there before we get that perfect gift. 
You don’t want to run around in heels and your dressier outfits but at the same
time you don’t want to look like you just woke up and ran out of the house.
A simple dress with leopard print loafers are a comfortable yet stylish way to do your Christmas shopping. A cross-body bag will not get in the way while you are selecting your gifts. A little jewellery goes a long way in turning your outfit from drab to fab (Oh, I just rhymed!!!)

Happy Thursday!!!


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  1. Unknown

    Love the owl sweater and red dress!

    Thanks for leaving a sweet comment on my blog!


  2. Audrey Masitsa

    @Deanne Castro Me too. They are so simple yet when well styled they can look great.

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